Trees Forever Statement on Derecho Storm

August 12, 2020

The Trees Forever family is heartbroken about the devastation caused by the recent derecho storm. So many have no power and are struggling with basic necessities. We’re seeing and hearing about many communities and rural areas facing massive tree loss. Clean-up is just beginning. First comes taking care of you, your family, your neighborhood, and your community.

For many, the trees out their front door, on their farms, or along their streets are close friends. When these friends are damaged or completely lost, it is often hard to cope. A community tree or nearby forest can mean so much: it is your habitat; it is one you share with other people, birds, animals, and thousands of species that all make this planet special. It is the place where we raise our kids and play with our grandchildren. And during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we know that trees have become especially important as people work to overcome the fatigue, stress and anxiety. Economic stress compounds the issue, and this storm has added additional burden to us all.

We are committed to helping with replanting, and will start a Planting Hope campaign to plant and regrow a more diverse and resilient tree canopy. This work will help neighborhoods and communities recover. Trees Forever has helped communities rebuild after many natural disasters, including tornadoes in Parkersburg, IA, Marshalltown, IA, and Washington, IL. After the devastating flood of 2008, we sprang into action to help with recovery and replanting in dozens of communities. We pledge to do the same after this storm. More information about the campaign will be coming soon. For those wishing to make a contribution today, head to our donation page and choose Planting Hope. 

Stay safe and strong.


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