Game Controls

Click screen to activate.
(Keyboard / Gamepad)
    = Directions (+)
Z = A   X = B   Q = L
A = X   S = Y   E = R
 Enter ↵  = Start
Shift = Select

Optional: Setup your own custom control keys by clicking on the keyboard icon within the emulator. You can activate unlimited time and live options by entering cheat code.

To save your game: Hover over the emulator screen and use the icons to save your progress. Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

To start your game: Wait a few seconds after opening the page to play game. If the game starts to load automatically, there will be texts at the bottom of the game window indicating that the game is loaded. If there are no texts showing that the game is loaded, click the button that says PLAY NOW at the bottom of the game window to load the game. A few seconds after clicking the button, texts indicating that game is loaded will start to appear.

If you are playing the game on a tablet or mobile phone, the buttons used in the game will appear on the screen. But if you are playing from a computer with a keyboard, the buttons of the game are controlled via the keyboard. In order to play the game, it is important to know the buttons used in the game. To learn out the buttons used in the game, scroll down the page and look at the picture below the game name that shows the buttons.

If there is a button that says INSERT COIN in the picture, in order to play the game, you have to press this button several times, just like throwing coin on the machines in the arcade halls. The more times you press the button, the more coin you count. As your coin runs out, you must press the button several times again to play the game.


Game Details


Dimahoo is a medieval-themed manic shooter video game developed by 8ing/Raizing and published by Capcom on the arcade cabinets in 2000. It is a sequel to 1993’s Sorcer Striker and 1994’s Kingdom Grand Prix. The game’s soundtrack was published by Suleputer.

The game is set in a futuristic environment with dragons, little turtles with lasers on their back, and little green goblins with red eyes. The player picks one of four friends to travel with. The two characters fly through the levels in the game and collect items. Each item has a point value and the points are used to fill up a chart at the end. The items include: food, swords, armors, boots, etc. Towards the end of the game, the bosses become incredibly hard. The fast backgrounds create a confusing state of mind for the player.

All of the characters in Dimahoo have a machine gun style shot, their own special bomb attack which ultimately makes them invincible for a second, and an individual personal attack. The personalized charge attack can be used once the magic book icon is collected. This then adds two satellites to the players ship. The satellites are what carry out the charge attack. After holding down the charge button, the charge burst becomes armed and then the character turns from red to blue. If the player releases the button while the character is red, then the attack will be more effective towards blue enemies.

Likewise, when the character is blue it will be particularly damaging to the red enemies. When enemies are destroyed by the charge attack, they drop their armor, sword, shield, food, boots, helmets, jewelry or special items. These items each have point values and can be collected for points. The weapons that are fired from the satellites also change from red to blue. When the bullets hit enemies with the same color, it will neutralize them. The player can also collect yellow diamonds in order to fill up the point meter. Once the meter fills up completely, the sound of a chime will go off. A treasure chest with an extra bomb will appear for the player to collect. Once the point meter is filled up, it will reset to zero.


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